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Top 5 Tattoo Trends From The Best Tattoo Artists In Kolkata

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There’s not a speck of doubt that most tattoo trends are a direct influence of Bollywood and that they have inspired millions of people to get them inked. Be it, Shahid Kapoor, from ‘Udta Punjab’, or Taapsee Paanu, the inking trend has been accelerated by scores of movie stars, whose styles and trends are sometimes, blindly followed. However, there are others, who have their creative ideas of the tattoos they want and want those to match their inner personalities. 

How to find the best tattoo artist in Kolkata?

Kolkata Tattoo Studio, a reputable tattoo parlour in the heart of the City of Joy, aims to bring these ideas to life by offering customised inking services to their wide range of clientele. With a proficient and experienced team of the best tattoo artists in kolkata, we go the extra mile for our customers by constantly updating ourselves with the recent trends in the market and using our creative artistry to ensure preciseness and beauty. 

Some of these trends have been discussed in the following section. Scroll on!

Barbed wire tattoos
Well, this is one of the oldest and the most popular inking trends that have captured the hearts and adorned the skins of many. Depicting sacrifice, struggle, rebellion, as well as confinement to a certain degree, the tattoo holds a different meaning for different people. You can learn more from a lady tattoo artist in Kolkata if you’re interested to get inked.

Spiritual tattoos
Some people relate to the power of the Gods and Goddesses so much that they wish to carry them along, everywhere they go. No matter who you follow, this trend is doing pretty good in the market right now, if you wish to be a part of it. So if you’re a follower of Lord Shiva, Krishna, or some other deity, or the Devil himself, you can get them inked on your body to feel closer to them. 

Memorial tattoos
So you’re mourning the loss of a loved one? You can get his/her face inked on your body to make him/her a part of your soul always. It can be difficult, but if you’re strong enough to carry the memory of your loved one with you always, there can’t be a better way to do it. 

Minimalist tattoo
This is for the people, who like to keep it low. They want their tattoos not to be too noticeable and opt to get inked in places where they can hide it easily. You can choose from numerous designs like an arrow, angel, wings, butterflies, moon, stars, and anything that represents you, as a person. If you aren't much comfortable in getting inked by men, you can seek a lady tattoo artist in Kolkata to fulfill your wish of getting a minimalist tattoo on some private area of your body. 

Romantic Bands 
There has been a trend among romantic couples lately and that’s getting the same design inked on their fingers, wrists, or arms in the form of permanent bands to make their love universal. These days, it’s even more popular than inking each other’s names or initials on the body. 

At the Kolkata Tattoo Studio, we also specialize in 3D tattoos, Watercolour tattoos, Oriental Maori and so on. With over 20,000 designs and more than 20 international awards in our kitty, you need not look any further than our creative genius, especially when you seek ultimate sophistication and beauty.