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We’ve created more than 20,000 unique and custom tattoos for individuals.

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We’ve created more than 20,000 unique and custom tattoos for individuals across more than 30 countries. #HumbleBrag?

Here is our most rated collection of tattoos we’ve done, for your own tattoo ideas. Our tattoos have made a serious mark on people and changed lives for some. Our team approach lets you sit at the table with us while we take the stress of running a tattoo design project completely off your plate. We promise that you’ll feel the love, and see the difference creative collaboration makes.

If you believe that we can tattoo something that’s never been done before, there’s a good chance we’re made for each other.

We bring your CUSTOM TATTOO ideas to life in a brand new way with top-of-the-line tattoo designs, super-creative tattoo artists, a smooth process,and prices that won&;t leave a mark.

We are KOLKATA TATTOO STUDIO! And Art is our Life, our Obsession and our Love.

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Why Should You Choose Our Best Tattoo Artist In Kolkata ?

At Kolkata Tattoo Studio, our reputation precedes us, flaunting our art in style and our passion follows close behind. We have the experience of customizing your ideas and fantasies into beautiful artwork that remains with you throughout your lives. Whether you’re looking forward to your first-ever inking experience, or to expand an already-existing tattoo into something more vibrant and beautiful, we have your back.


Besides the basic designs, we are always keen to go the extra mile to create customized tattoos for you. From religious tattoos to subtle abstracts and minimalist feminine designs, we don’t stop at anything and try everything to give you the look you so desire. We also experiment with 3D tattoos and coloured effects to create dynamic artwork, using your body as our canvas.

Lady Tatto Artist In Kolkata

As a woman, if you’re not comfortable with a male artist, we can allot a lady tattoo artist in kolkata for you to feel safe and at ease. Most of our tattoo workers are gentle, friendly and well-mannered so that you can enjoy the experience of getting inked, besides cherishing the finished look.


We don’t charge a penny over the standard rates in your country. As it’s also the art that we are after, and not only the money, creating something unique and beautiful is an achievement in itself. And we are passionate about the art, which we have turned into our profession simply because we do it best. So if you’re looking for an affordable best tattoo artist in kolkata, we might just be your best bet. Don’t take our word for it. Talk to our experts at best tattoo Studio in kolkata to get all your doubts clarified.

Creative experience

No matter your special needs, our best tattoo artist in kolkata can tend to them quite effectively. All you have to do is explain the implication of your tattoo and its size, and we will do that rest. We have designed thousands of tattoos in our career that too beyond national boundaries, so you can well assume how good we are at our jobs.